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Pine Ridge National Recreation Area Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Trekking Trails at Pine Ridge National Recreation Area, Nebraska 



Saddle up and explore the vast beauty of the Pine Ridge National Recreation Area in Nebraska! With a wealth of trails specifically designed to cater to horses and their riders, you're sure to find a path that suits your riding ability and scenic preferences. Let's dive into some notable trails to gallop along in this scenic area.


1. Soldier Creek Wilderness Trails:

This network of trails spanning over 7,794 acres is welcoming to equestrians and guarantees an exciting journey through pristine wilderness. Vet your horse's stamina while galloping through the semi-forested, rolling hills and taking in the panoramic landscapes. Don't be surprised by the local wildlife you encounter along the way!1


2. Edgemont Trailhead to Nebraska-Wyoming Border:

Enjoy the 21.3-mile journey through the native Ponderosa pine forest as you traverse this trail. Make sure to ride slowly while crossing the several footbridges on the path to preserve their integrity for future visitors. And remember, bring plenty of water as there are very few accessible water points along the route!2


3. West Ash Creek Trail 

This trail is ideal for beginner horse riders owing to its short length of just over 3 miles. The trail winds its way through beautiful prairie grasslands and pine ridges, offering chance encounters with deer, turkeys, and eagles. Equestrians should note that the trail can become quite muddy following heavy rainfall, so plan your trip for fair weather!3


4. East Ash Creek Trail:

A more challenging trail, the East Ash Creek Trail demands a high level of stamina from both horse and rider. Spanning almost 10 miles, the trail offers an exciting foray into the heart of Pine Ridge National Recreation Area's natural diversity.3


Please remember to follow the rules and regulations while enjoying these wonderful equestrian trails. Always protect these precious landscapes and respect local wildlife.



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